Easter Cupcakes








Carrot - Delicious moist carrot cupcake with coconut and pineapple, cream cheese buttercream 

topped with a buttercream carrot.  (NO NUTS)



Easter Red Velvet - Southern style red velvet cupcake with cream cheese buttercream topped with a red fondant Easter egg decorated with chocolate.



Easter Surprise - Vanilla cupcake filled with sprinkles and mini eggs,  green colored buttercream,topped with a pink, purple or blue bunny peep!  (Add 25 cents.)



Chocolate Peanut Butter - Devils food chocolate and peanut butter chip cupcake, peanut butter buttercream drizzled with chocolate ganache topped with peanut butter candy and speckled candy eggs.



Easter Vanilla Celebration - Vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream topped with Easter sprinkles.



Easter Chocolate Celebration - Vanilla cupcake, semi-sweet chocolate buttercream topped with Easter sprinkles.

Classic Chocolate Bliss - Devils food cupcake, semi-sweet chocolate buttercream topped with a piped chocolate buttercream nest and  3 speckled candy eggs.  (Add 25 cents)



Classic Coconut - Coconut cupcake, coconut buttercream, dusted with coconut topped with jelly beans.


Classic Key Lime - Vanilla cupcake soaked with slightly sweetened key lime juice, lime buttercream, green sparkling sugar.

Specialty Chocolate Coconut - devils food cupcake, coconut flavored buttercream dusted with coconut and drizzled with ganache.


Strawberry Vanilla - vanilla cupcake with fresh strwberry buttercream topped with half a fresh srawberry.