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Easter Cupcakes








Specially decorated Easter cupcakes $3.50 each.

4 cupcakes $14.00
6 cupcakes $21.00
12 cupcakes $42.00
*Additional .50 cents for Chocolate Bliss Nest.

Call or email your orders.

Select a time from 10.00 am- 4.00 pm when placing your order.

Pick up at the bakery on Saturday 

Phone number must be included for order.




Carrot Cake - Delicious moist carrot cupcake with coconut and pineapple, cream cheese buttercream topped with a buttercream carrot (NO NUTS) $3.50 each

Easter Surprise - Vanilla cupcake filled with sprinkles and jelly beans,  green colored buttercream, topped with a yellow buttercream chick $3.50

Chocolate Peanut Butter - Devils food chocolate cupcake,  peanut butter buttercream drizzled with chocolate ganache topped with peanut butter egg $3.50

Vanilla Celebration - Vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream topped with Easter sprinkles $3.50

Chocolate Vanilla - Chocolate cupcake vanilla buttercream with Easter sprinkles $3.50

*Chocolate Bliss Nest - Devils food cupcake, chocolate buttercream frosted nest with chocolate speckled eggs. $4.00

Coconut - Coconut cupcake, coconut buttercream, dusted with coconut topped with pink bunny $3.50


Key Lime - Vanilla cupcake soaked with key lime juice and key lime green frosting with buttercream flower $3.50

Salted Caramel - caramel cupcake, caramel buttercream topped with a caramel swirl, French sea salt and fondant iced Easter egg $3.50

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake - vanilla cupcake filled with raspberries and jam topped with lemon zest cream cheese frosting, graham cracker crumbs and fondant bunny $3.50

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - devils food cupcake, fresh strawberry buttercream, chocolate ganache, fondant iced Easter egg $3.50

Vegan Red Velvet $3.50


Gluten-free chocolate cupcake with a choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry frosting $3.50 each


Please inform us if there are any food allergies when placing your order.




















Carrot cake cupcakes 2.jpg

Traditional Coconut Macaroons $2.75 each dipped in semi-sweet chocolate

Vegan Lemon Brulee Cookies $3.00 each

Vanilla cake pops with Easter sprinkles $3.00 each

Take and Bake Mini Pies $3.75 each

Mixed Berry, Cherry, Apple Cinnamon,

Blueberry. Minimum 6

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