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Due to an increase in ingredients, packaging and utilities we have raised our prices.

Thank you for your understanding.

1 cupcake $3.25, 2 cupcakes $6.50, 4 cupcakes $13.00,

6 cupcakes $19.50, 12 cupcakes $36.00 - $39.00.

Jumbo cupcakes $5.50 - $6.00 

Add a box, happy birthday message, and candle for $1.50.

Mini cupcakes - a minimum of 12 and 4 flavor choices. $1.75 - $2.00 each depending on flavor. 



Assort in any quantity.

We make a lot of cupcakes by special order.

We are not a typical bakery with many cupcakes out for walk-in customers.

Ordering at least 24 hours in advance is recommended.

CHOCOLATE BLISS - devils food cupcake, semi-sweet chocolate buttercream, chocolate sprinkles.

CHOCOLATE VANILLA - devils food cupcake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate sprinkles.

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER - devils food cupcake with peanut butter chips, peanut butter buttercream, ganache drizzle topped with peanut butter candy chips.

CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRY - devils food cupcake, fresh strawberry buttercream, ganache drizzle topped with half a strawberry. (Organic strawberries used when available)

MOCHA - devils food cupcake, mocha buttercream, drizzled with ganache.

COCONUT - vanilla coconut cupcake, coconut buttercream topped with coconut.

CHOCOLATE DIPPED KISS - devils food cupcake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate dipped with a chocolate kiss & red heart sprinkles. $3.50 each. Valentine's special.

COOKIES & CREAM - devils food cupcake, cookies & cream buttercream topped with cookie pieces.

VANILLA CELEBRATION -vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream, rainbow sprinkles.

STRAWBERRY VANILLA -vanilla cupcake, fresh strawberry buttercream, half a strawberry.

RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE - vanilla cupcake filled with raspberries and jam, cream cheese frosting topped with graham cracker crumbs & a raspberry.

 KEY LIME PIE - vanilla cupcake soaked with key lime juice, lime flavored buttercream topped with green sparkling sugar 

SALTED CARAMEL - caramel vanilla cupcake, caramel buttercream, drizzled with caramel and topped with French sea salt.

RED VELVET - Southern style red velvet cupcake, cream cheese frosting topped with a red sugar heart.

VEGAN RED VELVET - Southern style vegan red velvet cupcake topped with imitation cream cheese flavored frosting.


Rose frosted cupcakes -

Vanilla or chocolate cupcake with pink vanilla buttercream  $2.75 each.

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