Cupcake Menu

Call for curbside pick up or stop into the shop.

Call 603-678-8279 with your credit or debit card.

$2.50 each - basic cupcakes

$2.75 each - specialty cupcakes*

$3.00 each - Vegan cupcakes

Monday April 27th

Vanilla celebration - vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream, rainbow nonpareils.

Chocolate Bliss - devils food cupcake, semi-sweet chocolate buttercream, chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate vanilla - devils food cupcake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate sprinkles.

Key lime - vanilla cupcake soaked with key lime juice topped with lime flavored buttercream and green sparkling sugar.

*Strawberry vanilla - vanilla cupcake, fresh strawberry buttercream, half a strawberry.

*Cookies and cream - devils food or vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream with chocolate cream cookie pieces.

*Chocolate peanut buttercream - devils food cupcake with peanut butter chips topped with peanut butter frosting, ganache drizzle and candy peanut butter chips.

*Carrot - moist carrot cupcake with coconut and pineapple topped with cream cheese frosting and a sugar carrot.

Vegan Red Velvet - Southern style cupcake with an imitation cream cheese frosting. $3.00 each.

Specials this week:

*Margarita - vanilla cupcake soaked with Tequilla and lime juice topped with Tequila and lime juice buttercream, sparkling sugar and a sugar decoration or a slice of lime.

*Blueberry French Toast - cinnamon and vanilla cupcake filled with wild blueberries in syrup topped with maple flavored buttercream.

*Mud pie - devils food cupcake filled with housemade coffee pastry cream topped with vanilla buttercream and chocolate cream cookie crumbs.

Tuesday April 28th - closed this week.

Wednesday April 29th 

Vanilla celebration

Chocolate bliss

Chocolate vanilla

Key lime

Strawberry vanilla