Basic Coconut - Coconut cupcake, coconut flavored buttercream, dusted with coconut, Red jelly heart.


Specialty Margarita - Vanilla cupcake soaked with Key lime juice & Tequilla, key lime juice, Tequilla buttercream tinted pale pink, sparkling red sugar and a slice of fresh lime.


Basic Vanilla Celebration - Vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream, sugar lips & hearts and sprinkles.


Specialty Salted Caramel - Caramel cupcake, caramel buttercream, fresh caramel swirl, sprinkled with fleur de sel (French sea salt) red fondant flower with a pink heart.


Specialty Vanilla Chocolate filled - Vanilla cupcake filled with chocolate ganache, semi-sweet chocolate buttercream topped with sugar hearts & lips & chocolate sprinkles.


Specialty Mint Chocolate - Devils food cupcake, peppermint buttercream, ganache swirl, pink fondant heart.


Specialty Chocolate Peanut Butter - Devils food cupcake, peanut butter buttercream, ganache swirl, peanut butter chips, red fondant heart.


Specialty Vanilla, Raspberry Chocolate Chip - Vanilla cupcake baked with fresh raspberries and mini chocolate chips, topped with chocolate ganache, fondant pink "XO"


Specialty Valentine's Chocolate Bliss - Devils food cupcake, semi-sweet chocolate buttercream, white fondant bear with a red sugar heart.


Specialty Tuxedo - Devils food cupcake, vanilla buttercream dipped in chocolate ganache, red sugar heart.

Specialty Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - Devils food cupcake, fresh strawberry buttercream, ganache and half a strawberry.

Specialty Raspberry Cheesecake - Vanilla cupcake filled with fresh raspberries and jam, cream cheese frosting and graham cracker crumbs.



Specialty Red Velvet witih

cream cheese frosting.