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Valentine's Menu

Regular Cupcakes
With Valentine's decorations:
1 $3.50, 2 $7.00, 3 $10.50, 4 $14.00, 5 $ 17.50, 6 $21.00
12 $39.00
3.50 % added for credit card payments.

Chocolate Bliss
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Cookies & Cream
Valentine's Chocolate Pink Vanilla
Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting
Valentine's Pink Vanilla
Raspberry Cheesecake
Salted Caramel
Strawberry Vanilla
Key Lime

Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting, topped with walnuts

Vegan Red Velvet - No dairy or eggs.

The Sweet Treat's Box $25.00 Each contains 10 pieces.

4 Medium cupcakes: Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Pink Valentine's Vanilla, Salted Caramel.
2 Vanilla Cake Truffles
2 Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Cookies Drizzled  In White Chocolate
2 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

6 $15.00
12 $25.00

Let us know of any food allergies when placing your order.



This menu is for pick up on Weds 2/14.
Reserve your pick up time between 10.00 am and 5.30 pm.
Please order via email @info@dazzlecupcakes call the bakery 603-678-8279

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